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National Mental Health Commission: Terms of Reference

The Commission was established to act as advisor, facilitator, enabler and supporter of the National Approach to the Mental Health Reform Programme. The Terms of Reference of the Commission are:

i. To develop a vision of services needed and to provide strategic direction for the national mental health programme at the primary, secondary and tertiary levels of care

ii. To review and update the National Mental Health Policy

iii. To formulate a Strategic Plan for National Mental Health services based on the following priority areas:

         a.   General Hospital Services
         b.  Community Based Mental Health Services
         c.  General Hospital Services
         d.  Psychiatric Hospital Services
         e.  Rehabilitation Services
         f.  Specialists Mental Health services
         g.  Mental Health Promotion
         h.  Support Services and Interlink-age
         i.  Supported Housing
         j.  Human Resources Development
         k.  Financing
         l.  Monitoring and Research

vii. To provide an annual report to the Minister of Health on the state of Mental Health

v.To collaborate with representatives of all stake holders, including service users, care providers, community and voluntary organizations, mental health service providers, key representatives from the Ministry of Health and other Government departments, to create working partnerships for the improvement of Mental Health care in the community

vi. To be guided by the National Mental Health Policy and the Draft National Mental Health Plan

vii. To seek technical assistance from Regional and International agencies for the development of Mental Health Services

viii. To be accountable to the Minister of Health through the Chairman who shall be responsible for the overall management, direction and functioning of the Commission ix. To appoint a Deputy Chairman who shall be responsible in the absence of the Chairman x. To convene monthly meetings with a minimum of ten meetings per financial year

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